In 2019, having worked in the IT management sector for fifteen years, I felt that it was time to bring a more unique and personalised approach to IT managed services. Nowadays, many IT management companies are faceless corporations who have profit margins in mind and not you, the customer. I wanted to create a business which puts you, the customer, at the heart of what Techbox does. Having worked alongside many different types of businesses and in many different roles in IT management, this is where the idea of Techbox was born from. It is that passion and desire to have a customer focused IT management that works in partnership with you to: build your business, keep it running as smoothly as possible, grow and, most importantly, give you the personal touch that is so often missing nowadays. 


“With Techbox, IT’s personal.” 

As a company, our values are simple because you and your business are at the heart of what we do: 


    We work with you and your business for success. Your businesses success and IT systems are as important to us as they are to you. You are joining the Techbox family- with us, it’s personal. 


    We have the passion for IT and will constantly evaluate what is right for you and source solutions for your IT needs. When working with Techbox, you have our unwavering commitment to you.


    All of your information with us is secure and we will communicate with you with honesty and openness. You can rest assured that your systems are in the safest of hands. 

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